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adversary (s) (noun), adversaries (pl)
1. A person who, or that which, takes up a position of antagonism, or acts in a hostile manner; an opponent, antagonist; an enemy, a foe: The governor's political adversaries tried to keep him from winning a second term in office.
2. Etymology: from Anglo-French adverser, from Old French adversier, from Latin adversarius, "opponent, rival"; literally, "turned toward one", from adversus, "turned against".
A foe or a person who opposes another person.
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An opponent, an enemy, or a foe.
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(Hebrew and Greek: the devil, the adversary)
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Those who take up positions of antagonism, or who act in hostile ways; an opponent; anything that is considered to be an enemy or dangerous. (2)
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adversary system
A legal system involving a contest between two opposing parties under a judge who is an impartial arbiter.
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