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adventure (s) (noun), adventures (pl)
1. That which happens to a person, without design or chance: The little adventure Adam had of playing in the lottery for the first time brought him quite a fortune!
2. A chance occurrence, an event or issue, an accident: Bruce and Sally had an adventure the other day when they drove through the woods, had a flat tire, and met up with a bear!
3. A hazardous or perilous enterprise or performance: Some people seek adventure by racing yachts on wild and dangerous oceans!
4. Any novel or unexpected event in which one shares: When trying to find their way around in the foreign city, Jeffrey and Susan had an adventure of getting lost and then accidentally meeting someone from their home town!
5. The participation in risky, novel, and exciting events; enterprise: The little children were looking forward to going into the garden the first time without their parents and to the adventures awaiting them!
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