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advance (verb), advances; advanced; advancing
1. To move forward in a meaningful way: At the box office at the movies, the people advanced slowly in order to buy their tickets to the show.
2. To present something, such as a proposal: After listening to the others in the meeting, Nancy advanced or suggested interviewing the tenants first before making a final decision.
3. To supply something or part of something, especially money before it is due: Because Stella wanted to buy a very special purse for her outfit, she asked her parents to advance her allowance one month so she could buy it!
4. To rise, or to make or help someone rise, in rank: Floyd had a chance to advance to a better-paid position in his firm, so he filled out the application and gave it to his boss for consideration.
5. To make something happen earlier than originally expected: The Robinsons wanted to advance their dinner party at their home because of the upcoming renovations of their house.
6. Etymology: from Latin abante, "before" which was based on ab-, "from" and ante, "before".
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