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adulation (ad yoo LAY shuhn, ad yuh LAY shuhn) (s) (noun), adulations (pl)
1. Excessive flattery, praise, or admiration beyond the normal manner, especially when done in a servile way: In hopes of getting a substantial raise, Manfred sent his boss a fawning e-mail filled with adulations and an invitation to go for a coffee break together.
2. Abject adoration or great admiration and praise: The critic expressed her adulation and enthusiasm in the local newspaper regarding the dramatic production at the local theater the weekend before.
3. Etymology: from Latin adulationem and adulatio, "a fawning; great flattery", a noun of action from aduliari, "to gratify the vanity of"; from ad-, "to" + ulos, "tail".

If you were to imagine a dog wagging its tail to get a treat or to show a lot of friendly behavior, you're thinking is correct. Adulation is considered to be one of the more doglike characteristics of human behavior.

Extravagant praise.
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Hypocritical praise and fawning.
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Excessive praise or flattery.
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Showing an extravagant amount of praise and flattery, or going beyond a normal showing of admiration. (3)