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adroit (uh DROIT) (adjective), adroiter, adroitest; more adroit, most adroit
1. Pertaining to the skilfulness and adeptness or proficiency even when under pressure: Lenora was an adroit negotiator for her company.
2. A reference to someone who is very clever and competent: Steve is an adroit mechanic when it comes to taking care of problems with motor vehicles.
3. Etymology: from dexterous, originally "rightly", from French adroit, from the phrase à droit, "according to right"; from Old French à, "to, toward" + droit, "right"; from Late Latin directum, "right, justice", the accusative form of Latin directus, "straight".
Skillful and dextrous in emergencies.
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Quick-witted in a special situation.
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Clever in an emergency.
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Skillful in emergencies; quick witted; clever even under pressure. (3)