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adore (verb), adores; adored; adoring
1. To love someone intensely; to regard with deep, often rapturous love: Even though they were married for five years, Jack and Jill still adored each other like in the very beginning of their relationship!
2. To like something or someone very much: Naomi just adored her little kitten and gave it little treats to eat.

Mary loved to go to her grandmother's home because she adored the chocolate cupcakes her grandmother always made!
3. To worship God, a god, or a spirit: The church members in the village all adored the Supreme Being and prayed every day.
4. Etymology: from Old French aourer, "to adore, to worship"; from Latin adorare, "to speak to, to entreat, to beseech, to ask in prayer, to worship"; from ad-, "to" and orare, "to speak, to pray".

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