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adopt (verb), adopts; adopted; adopting
1. To take a child of other biological parents into one's family and make it legally one's own son or daughter: Jack and Jill couldn't have a baby of their own, so they adopted one to raise as their own.
2. To take up something such as a plan, an idea, a cause, or a practice and to use or follow it: Jane was overweight and finally adopted a new method of dieting, and she was successful!
3. To assume an attitude or way of behaving: They tried to adopt a new way of life in their new country.
4. To take on and to use a new name, a title; to take on a duty: After being in the business for a year, Voni was asked to adopt the responsibilites of taking care of the office machines.
5. To vote to accept something: The committee formally approved of the decision to adopt the suggestion presented by one of the members.
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