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admission (ad MISH uhn) (s) (noun), admissions (pl)
1. An act of allowing someone or groups to enter a country which involves acceptance that carries certain rights and responsibilities: The admission of refugees into some countries has become a big issue for many governments.
2. The right, permission, or the price required or paid to enter or to access some activity: Because he was 21 Jessy was allowed admission to go see the movie that was reserved for adults only.

Mary said the admission to the musical cost more than she could afford to pay, so she was not allowed admission to attend the performance.

3. A confession, as of having committed a crime: James was completely silent and nodded his head when asked if he had stolen the money which was naturally interpreted as an admission of his guilt.

When the suspect’s admission of the truth about his involvement in what really took place at the bank robbery, the police were able to determine what had really happened there.

4. A voluntary acknowledgment of truth: Mark's spontaneous and unrequested admission to exceeding the speed limit resulted in a warning instead of a ticket.
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