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admiration (s) (noun), admirations (pl)
1. A feeling of pleasure, wonder, and approval about someone or something: Henry earned the admiration of his coworkers when he was able to get the results that no one else could do.
2. An object of wonder and reverence; a marvel: All of her friends have a great admiration for Mary's courage in accepting the dangerous assignment in the city that was being attacked by the terrorists.
3. The act of looking on or contemplating with gratification: Shirley regarded her supervisor in admiration for his efforts to keep everyone on the job and not laying anyone off even in these difficult economic times.
4. Etymology: from Middle French admiration or directly from Latin admirationem, admiratio, "a wondering at"; the noun form of admirari, "to admire"; from ad-, "at" + mirari, "to wonder" which came from mirus, "wonderful".
(Latin: praise, praising; glorify, glorifying; showing or expressing strong approval or admiration for something or someone)
(Greek > Latin: morbid self love, self-admiration, self-centeredness)
(an expression of admiration and appreciation for trees)
(Latin: stand in awe of, to be awed at; wonder or admiration of; dread mixed with veneration or great respect)