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adjust (verb), adjusts; adjusted; adjusting
1. To change so as to match or to fit something.
2. To bring into proper relationship.
3. To adapt or to conform to new conditions or situations.
4. To make slight changes in something to make it fit or to function better.
5. To achieve a psychological balance with regard to one's external environment, one's needs, and the demands of others.
6. A characteristic of something that can be changed, removed, or given different properties.
7. Etymology: "arrange, settle, compose"; from Middle French adjuster, from Old French ajouter, "to join"; from Late Latin adjuxtare, "to bring near"; from Latin ad-, "to, near" + juxta, "next"; related to jungere, "to join".
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(Latin: make right, adjust, remedy; make straight; to lead, put in a straight line; to rule)
(Greek mikso > Latin mixtus: mix, mixed, a mixing, a mingling, an intercourse; to combine or to blend into one mass or substance; to combine things; such as, activities, ideas, styles; to balance and to adjust individual musical performers’ parts to make an overall sound by electronic means)