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adjuration (s) (noun), adjurations (pl)
1. The solemn repudiation, abandonment, or withdrawal of an oath; often the renunciation of citizenship or some other right or privilege: The abjuration of Vera's citizenship in the country where she was born made it possible for her to become a citizen in her new country.

Anthony's abjuration to the nation's government was that he swore to leave the country and to never return.

2. A denial, disavowal, or renunciation under oath: In common ecclesiastical language abjuration is restricted to the renunciation of heresy made by the penitent heretic on the occasion of his reconciliation with the Catholic Church.

The many adjurations of the alleged witch convinced the clergy that she was sincere and penitent.

3. An earnest appeal, entreaty, or pleading to someone to do something: Bernhardt made an adjuration to his boss for an increase in salary.
Pleading and begging for a raise in salary.
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An earnest appeal, entreaty, begging, or pleading to someone to do something.

Adjuration may involve both begging and promising to do what is requested. (1)