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adjourn (uh JURN) (verb), adjourns; adjourned; adjourning
1. To put off or to suspend until a future time; to recess, to interrupt, to dissolve: The business meeting was adjourned until the following week.
2. To move, to leave: Having finished dinner, Ted's family adjourned to the living room.
3. To suspend the business of a court, a legislature, or a committee temporarily or indefinitely: The judge adjourned the trial until the following morning.
3. Etymology: originally, "appoint a day for"; then it came to be known "for postponing, deferring, or suspending". It originated from the Old French phrase à jorn nommé, "to an appointed day"; from which the the Old French verb ajourner derived.

The word jour came from late Latin diurnum, a noun that was formed from the adjective diurnus, "daily"; which was based on the noun dies, "day".

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