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adjoin (verb), adjoins; adjoined; adjoining
1. To be next to; to attach something to another object, area, etc.
2. To be in contact with another building, room, area, etc.: "The hospital adjoins the cemetery."

"The two families live in adjoining houses."

3. To share a common border with something, especially an area of land.
4. Etymology: from Latin adjunctus, "closely connected, joined, united"; as a noun, "a characteristic, an essential attribute"; adjungere, "join to"; from ad-, "to" + jungere, "to bind together".
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adjoin, adjourn
adjoin (uh JOIN) (verb)
To be next to; to be in contact with: Yes, as strange as it may be, the hospital did adjoin the cemetery.
adjourn (uh JURN) (verb)
1. To put off or to suspend until a future time: The meeting will adjourn until next week.
2. Move, depart for: Having finished dinner, the guests decided to adjourn to the living room for coffee.

As chairman, Curtis decided to adjourn the meeting so the group could go for their lunch in the restaurant which adjoined their meeting place.