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adjective (s) (noun), adjectives (pl)
1. In grammar, a word that is used to describe a noun or a pronoun by providing more information about that part of speech: Adjectives slightly change the meanings of other words by adding descriptions or by making them more specific.
2. Any member of a class of words that, in many languages, are distinguished in form, as partly in English, and which have comparative and superlative endings: Adjectives function as modifiers of nouns, such as "good", "wise", "perfect", "beautiful", "bad", "sad", "loud", etc.

The three most common adjectives are the articles: "a", "an", and "the". The "a" and "an" are the indefinite articles and refer to any one of a class of nouns. "The" is a definite article that refers to a specific noun.

Examples of the indefinite articles, or adjectives, are "a contest", and "an opportunity". A definite article sample is "the writer".

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(A suffix that forms adjectives and examples that are used to show them.)
(Latin: adjective suffix signifying action or being; performing a particular acion)
(Greek: -etikos, an adjective suffix meaning "pertaining to, of the nature of" for nouns ending in -esis)
(Latin: suffix used to form abstract nouns expressing act, state, quality, property, or condition corresponding to an adjective)
(Latin: medium is the neuter form of the adjective medius, meaning "middle"; as well as, a neuter noun meaning, "the middle")
(Greek: leaf; from the adjective petalos, "flat, spread out")
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heptachromic adjective) (not comparable)
1. A reference to that which exhibits seven colors: "A heptachromic spectrum presents the complete range of colors into which light can be separated when it passes through a prism."
2. Pertaining to the capability of seeing all seven colors of a spectrum: "Tamika had normal heptachromic color vision."
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multipotent adjective), more multipotent, most multipotent
1. Regarding something that has the power to produce or influence several effects or results: The medicine that Jack's doctor prescribed was multipotent in that it not only alleviated his headache, but also affected his appetite and caused drowsiness.
2. Descriptive of a cell capable of developing into various types of cells depending on the surrounding conditions: One example of a multipotent cell would be the hematopoietic stem cell that can separate itself into different kinds of blood cells.
oxypetalous adjective), more oxypetalous, most oxypetalous
Concerning a plant having sharply pointed petals: An example of an oxypetalous flower is the "Dutchman's pipe cactus" (Epinhyllum oxypetalum), or queen of the night. It blooms rarely and only during the night. The flower wilts before the onset of daylight.
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ungainly (adjective; more ungainly, most ungainly; ungainlier, ungainliest
A reference to being awkward, clumsy, or without ease of movements: Even though he was still very young, Karl was an ungainly teenager because of the injuries he suffered when he was playing football.

Some people have ungainly conditions because of old age, birth defects, illnesses, etc.

Clumsy, awkward.
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Lacking ease of movements.
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An unusual example of a quadrupedal horse transformed into a bipedaling runner.
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gynoid, adjective
A robot shaped like or in the form of a woman as opposed to an android; like a man.
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Relating to a fondness for music and societies that promote musical presentations. (1)
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(modifying or describing parts of speech)
triage (adjective) (not comparable)
(Descriptive of the task of allocating and sorting: The triage nurse had many patients to categorise and group regarding their medical needs.)