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adhere (verb), adheres; adhered; adhering
1. To stick fast, to cleave to, to become or remain firmly attached to a substance, as by a glutinous surface, or by grasping, etc.: All of the postage stamps adhered to the envelope.
2. To cleave or stay attached to an opinion, practice, or method; to continue to maintain or to observe: The politician said that he would adhere to the proposal that he presented until there is evidence that proves he is wrong.

A plan for cutting taxes will always have many who adhere to the idea, despite what the results might be.

To keep an opinion regardless of a change in circumstances.
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To cleave to or to stay with an opinion, a practice, or a method of doing something; to become or to remain firmly attached to a substance, as a result of a glutinous (glue) surface etc. (1)