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adherence, adherents
adherence (ad HIR uhns) (noun)
1. A steady attachment, as of a person to a rule: The hockey coach demanded adherence to the rules of the game.
2. Adhesiveness, stickiness: Warren was putting more glue on the wallpaper to increase its adherence.
adherents (ad HIR uhnts) (noun)
Supporters, allies, followers; sticking or holding together: Reverend Wesley is a leader with many loyal adherents.

The new sports team adherents exhibited a steadfast adherence to the guidelines for behavior in the stadium.

adherent (ad HIR uhnt) (s) (noun), adherents (ad HIR uhnts) (pl)
1. A supporter or follower of a cause or of a leader, such as someone who believes and helps to spread the doctrine of another person or group including a believer in a particular faith or church: It was obvious that the minister had a great number of adherents as shown by the multitude of people in the church where he was preaching.

As a politician, the senator was a leader with many loyal adherents.

2. A substance that can stick firmly to a surface or an object, such as glue or wax: Jim was using a strong adherent on the broken parts of the wooden chair.
A person who supports someone or who is a follower of an individual or group.
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A person or those who are supporters and loyal to a leader, a group, or a religion. (1)