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adduce (uh DOOS, uh DYOOS) (verb), adduces; adduced; adducing
1. To give or to cite as proof for consideration: The prosecuting attorney was adducing documents to Ted, and the court, as evidence to verify his involvement in a criminal act.
2. To present as pertinent, conclusive, or persuasive confirmation that something is true beyond any doubt: The speaker adduced three reasons for his actions as a government official.

As a Senator, Harry tried to adduce reasons for not supporting the congressional bill.

To present as proof.
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adduce, deduce
adduce (uh DOOS, uh DYOOS) (verb)
Offer as a reason in support of an argument; cite as pertinent, conclusive, or persuasive: At least the speaker did adduce three reasons for his actions.
deduce (di DOOS, di DYOOS) (verb)
1. Reach a conclusion by reasoning: Based on the forensic evidence, the police officer was able to deduce that the criminal was a man.
2. Trace the course, descent, or origin of: Based on Rhonda's conversation, Floyd could deduce that she had come from a large family.

Because the officer was able to adduce an explanation for the accident, the judge was able to deduce who was responsible.

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To present or to offer statements or other legitimate information as evidence that something has been proven to be true. (1)