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abs, adds, ads; adz, adze
abs (ABZ) (noun)
An abbreviation for "abdominal muscles": The gym participants are doing sit-up exercises and other related activities so they can develop their abs.
adds (ADZ) (verb)
1. An increase; mathematical summation; totals: Ted, the accountant, usually adds most of the figures in his head.
2. Includes; joins: Cindy adds special greetings whenever she meets her friends.
ads (ADZ) (noun)
A shorter term for "advertisements": Joe was always complaining that he was constantly getting ads, also known as "spam", in his e-mails.
adz or adze (ADZ) (noun)
A cutting tool for shaping heavy timbers, similar to an ax but with a blade set across the end of the handle and curving inward: Ben, the woodsman, used an adze to take the bark off the tree that he had just cut down.

Working out by chopping wood with an adz (adze) really adds to Jim's abs. In fact, he is looking so great, he has been asked to pose for ads in the local fitness-studio publication.

adds (ADZ)
1. Something added; mathematical summation; totals, computes, calculates: "He usually adds the figures in his head."
2. Adding, including, embracing; joining, annexing, appending: "She adds special greetings whenever she meets her friends."