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ad lib
A spontaneous remark that is invented and presented on the spur of the moment without previous thoughts about it.
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ad libitum; ad lib (Latin adverb)
At pleasure; according to one's pleasure; freely, unscripted, improvised; extemporaneously.

This is usually shortened to ad lib. and can be written with or without a period. Ad lib is used both as a verb and as a noun.

When used in the entertainment world, to ad lib means to improvise, to add an impromptu word or statement to a script. As a noun, an ad lib is an "off-the-cuff", or unprepared, remark.

It is said that there are some politicians who have "carefully planned ad libs".

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ad lib., ad libitum
at will

Literally meaning is "at pleasure". This expression is popularly used as a noun phrase or modifier in English in the form "ad lib" to express absence of planning; for example, "His worst jokes were carefully planned ad libs."

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ad-lib (verb), ad-libs; ad-libbed; ad-libbing
To improvise all or part of a speech or another kind of performance; that is, to spontaneously say something without prior preparation: Many in the audience noticed that the mistress of ceremonies was ad-libbing her speech at the awards ceremony.
To  improvise words, gestures, etc. that are not in a script.
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To spontaneously say something without prior preparation. (1)