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acute myocardial infarction (s) (noun), acute myocardial infarctions (pl)
An occurrence during a time when circulation to a region of the heart is obstructed and necrosis (death of tissue cells) is occurring: Known as a heart attack, acute myocardial infarction is the sudden death of part of the heart muscle which is characterized, in most such conditions, by severe and unremitting chest pain.

Men are more likely to suffer acute myocardial infarctions attacks than women, smokers more than nonsmokers, and the children of those who have died of a heart attack are more likely to die from the same cause.

—Compiled from excerpts located in
The American Medical Association Home Medical Encyclopedia
Volume Two, I-Z; Medical Editor, Charles B. Claman, MD;
Random House, Inc.; New York; 1989, pages 710 & 712.
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