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(Latin: brisk, active, vigorous, energetic; great effort, requiring much energy, arduous)
(Latin: animating, enlivening; vigorous, vigor, active; to be alive, activity, to quicken; then a quickening action of growing; a specific sense of "plant cultivated for food, edible herb, or root" is first recorded in 1767; the differences between the meanings from its original links with "life, liveliness" was completed in the early twentieth century, when vegetable came to be used for an "inactive person".)
(Latin: liveliness, activity; active strength; feeling strong)
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active electrode, localizing electrode, exciting electrode (s); active electrodes, localizing electrodes, exciting electrodes (pl) (nouns)
A conductor which is small and which produces stimulation in a concentrated area or to record from a localized section: An electrode is used to make contact with a nonmetallic part of a circuit; such as, a semiconductor or an electrolyte.
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active euthanasia (s) (noun), active euthanasias (pl)
The deliberate putting of someone to death because that person is suffering from a painful and incurable disease and desperately wants to die: Active euthanasia is another term for "mercy killing".
active meditation (s) (noun), active meditations (pl)
A process which uses various techniques to help individuals improve their self-awareness: Active meditation therapy procedures have included breathing, movements, visualizations, and exercises.

Often, active mediations are guided by instructors, and feedback between students and instructors are considered important to the processes.

Active meditation involves a series of tensing and then relaxing all of the muscles in the body, usually starting with the head and moving down to the feet.

The use of active meditation is considered a safe treatment and it is often useful in connection with other forms of therapy.

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active tag
1. An RFID tag that has a transmitter to send back information, rather than reflecting back a signal from the reader, as a passive tag does.

Most active tags use a battery to transmit a signal to a reader; however, some tags can gather energy from other sources. Active tags can be read from 300 feet (100 meters) or more, but they're expensive (typically more than US$20 each).

They're used for tracking expensive items over long ranges; for example, the U.S. military uses active tags to track containers of supplies arriving in ports.

2. Also defined as an RFID tag that includes a battery for powering the microchip's circuitry and transmitting a signal to a reader. Active tags are not used in library RFID systems.
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active vasoconstriction
A narrowing of the lumen of the blood vessels caused by contraction of the musculature of the vessel wall.
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active vasodilatation
A widening of the blood vessels caused by a relaxation of the musculature of the vessel wall.
active weather
From a Canadian contributor.
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electrically active fluid
A fluid in which the properties are altered by either an electric field (electrorheological fluid) or a magnetic field (ferrofluid).
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electronic jammer, jammer, electronic jamming, active jamming
1. A transmitter used in the jamming of radio or radar transmissions.
2. Radiation or re-radiation of electromagnetic waves so as to impair the usefulness of a specific segment of the radio spectrum that is being used by a military enemy for communication or radar.
3. To interfere with or to prevent the clear reception of (broadcast signals) by electronic methods.
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active solar energy
As an energy source, such energy comes from the sun collected and stored using mechanical pumps or fans to circulate heat-laden fluids or air between solar collectors and a building.
active space
The space within which the concentration of a pheromone (or any other behaviorally active substance) is at or above threshold concentration.

The active space of a pheromone is, in fact, the signal itself.

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active transport (s) (noun) (no pl)
In cells, the use of energy to move substances, usually molecules or ions, across a membrane: Active transport requires the application of energy in metabolism and is supported by pumps, or also known as carrier proteins.
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