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activation (s) (noun), activations (pl)
1. The process of making active and effective: The plight of Stella's missing kitten prompted the activation of all of the neighbours to hunt for it.
2. Stimulation of activity in an organism or chemical: In medicine, activation can be the response of a stimulant on a nerve or on an organ.
3. The activity of causing to have energy and to be active: Rose's little baby slowly showed some activation as she started to wiggle and make cooing sounds.
4. In medicine, the deliberate induction of a pattern of electrical activity in the brain: Activation is a method of rousing the brain by light, electricity, chemical agents, or by sound to bring about unusual or a strange activity in the electroencephalography.
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activation energy
For each type of reaction, the minimum amount of collision energy that will drive reactant molecules to an activated condition, from which the reaction will proceed spontaneously.
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activation voltage(s)
The voltage(s) at which a charge controller will take action to protect the batteries.
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