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activate (verb), activates; activated; activating
1. To set in motion.
2. To organize or to create a military unit, for example: The governor had to activate the National Guard to help the people after the hurricane.
3. To treat (sewage) with aeration and bacteria to aid decomposition.
4. In chemistry, to accelerate a reaction in, as by heat.
5. In physics, to make a substance radioactive.
6. In biology, to convert certain biological compounds into biologically functioning derivatives.
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activated carbon (s) (noun), activated carbons (pl)
A highly porous form of carbon, typically from wood, lignite, coal, or coconut shells; widely used as a filtration medium; with the purpose of removing taste and odor from water by absorbing organic compounds.
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activated sludge (s) (noun), activated sludges (pl)
The semi-liquid, microbe-rich sediment that is added to secondary-stage sewage material during the sludge process.
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activated-sludge process, actilvated-sludge effluent
A widely used process for sewage treatment that raises the level of biological activity by increasing the contact between the wastewater and the actively growing micro-organisms.
electrolyte-activated battery, electrolyte activated battery
1. A reserve battery with an aqueous electrolyte kept in a separate chamber, from which a mechanism forces it into the cells of the battery for activation.
2. A reserve battery in which an aqueous electrolyte is stored in a separate chamber, and a mechanism, which may be operated from a remote location, drives the electrolyte out of the reservoir and into the cells of the battery for activation.
thermal battery, fused-electrolyte battery, heat-activated battery
1. A combination of thermal cells.
2. A voltage source consisting of a number of bimetallic junctions connected to produce a voltage when heated by a flame.
3. A high-temperature, molten-salt primary battery in which the electrolyte is a solid, non-conducting inorganic salt at ambient temperatures.d

When power is required, an internal pyrotechnic heat source is ignited to melt the solid electrolyte which allows electricity to be generated electrochemically for periods from a few seconds to an hour.

This process is often used for military applications; such as, missiles, torpedoes, and space missions.

thermally activated technologies (TATs)
A diverse group of devices employed to transform heat for a useful purpose; such as, energy recovery, heating, cooling, humidity control, or thermal storage.
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activated shelf life
The length of time, at a specified temperature, that a charged battery can be stored before its capacity falls to an unusable level.
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