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action (s) (noun), actions (pl)
1. A process or state of functioning: Jesse was told by the mechanic that his car was not in action yet.

An action may apply to more than one procedure and therefore it often suggests continued or repeated efforts over a period of time.

2. A process that one consciously does and which may be characterized by physical or mental procedures: Ted was told that getting his work assignment done was a crisis that demanded action and not an argument.
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(number, search engine, eye actions, protector of the eyes)
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industrial action (s) (noun), industrial actions (pl)
Any action; such as, striking or boycotting, that is taken by workers to protest against working conditions, managerial policy, etc.
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(the relative locations of sections of the body, or bodily organs, and their actions and activities)
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action, actions at law
A court proceeding; either civil, to enforce a right, or criminal, to punish an offender.

Court litigation where opposing parties litigate an issue involving an alleged wrongdoing which may be for the protection of a right or for the prevention of a wrong.

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