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1. An inflammatory bacterial disease of cattle and other animals, sometimes caught by humans, that resembles a fungus and causes swelling of the abdomen, chest, and especially the jaw.
2. A chronic disease of cattle, swine, and humans characterized by hard granulomatous masses usually in the mouth and jaw.

It is characterized by deep, lumpy abscesses that extrude a tin, granular pus through multiple sinuses.

This disease occurs worldwide but is seen most frequently in those who live in rural areas.

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cervicofacial actinomycosis
A form of actinomycosis (chronic local or systemic granulomatous, a inflammatory lesion, infection caused by a fungus) characterized by slow-growing inflammatory lesions of the lymph nodes that drain the mouth (lumpy jaw), reddening of the overlying skin, and intraperitoneal abscesses.
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