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acrophobia (s) (noun), acrophobias (pl)
An excessive discomfort of heights, elevators, climbing ladders, pinnacles, etc.; a dread of sharp points: Acrophobia is one of the most common fears among people.

Those who have acrophobia are afraid of being on high floors of buildings or even on the tops of hills or mountains and they often feel overly anxious when they approach the edge of bridges, rooftops, stairwells, and railings.

Sometimes individuals who are afflicted with acrophobia not only have an excessive fear, but they feel an uncontrollable urge to jump off.

There are some people who suffer from acrophobia and also have fantasies and physical sensations of falling even when they are standing on firm ground.

Those who are affected by acrophobia in moving platforms for people, or on escalators, balconies, and stairways, are probably fearful of altitudes just as they are with the terror of flying in aircraft.

An abnormal dread of being high up.
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An excessive fear of being at a great height.
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An abnormally morbid terror or fear of being at great heights; such as, elevators, climbing ladders, flying in airplanes, etc. (2)