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acridophilous (adjective), more acridophilous, most acridophilous
Descriptive of a hunger for the consumption of grasshoppers and/or locusts: Creatures that have an acidophilous desire for grasshoppers include wasps, robber flies, ground beetles, blue birds, and parasitoids, such as hair worms and flesh flies.

Most of a locust's natural enemies are primarily beetles, flies, and wasps that are neither numerous enough on the ground nor mobile enough in the air to challenge vast swarms of locusts.

Birds regularly attack locusts, but their effect is only marginal. African kites drop from the sky and they barrel-roll through the swarm, grabbing locusts with snaps of their beaks, then they climb high to peel off again.

—Compiled from "Locusts: 'Teeth of the Wind' ";
by Robert A.M. Conley; National Geographic;
August, 1969; page 213.