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acridophage, acridophagy
1. Grasshoppers and/or locusts that eat plants, both wild and agriculturally grown.
2. Feeding on, consuming, or eating grasshoppers.
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1. The eating or consuming by grasshoppers, locusts, and/or crickets.
2. The process that involves the eating of vast amounts of plants; by grasshoppers, but especially, by hordes of locusts in certain parts of the world.

With serrated jaws rasping from side to side, adult locusts daily eat the equivalent of their weight, .04 to .09 of an ounce. Yet they are capable of living four days without feeding by surviving on stored fat.

Typical of the countless billions that impoverish African and Asian farmers, these voracious eaters feast on crops of leaves, stalks, and tons of grains.

—Compiled from "Locusts: 'Teeth of the Wind' ";
by Robert A.M. Conley; National Geographic;
August, 1969; page 206.
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