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1. The process whereby grasshoppers and locusts consume vast areas of vegetable matter.
2. The consumption or eating of grasshoppers, locusts, and/or crickets.

Storks flash white against the chocolate brown water as they bank in and out of the locusts; then come weaver birds and wagtails, picking at the remaining locusts.

The attackers gorge themselves until they can no longer fly. Some of them settle on banyan trees or fall to the ground.

There are cattle egrets, with sagging stomachs, that stagger in the dust trying to take off. Some of them manage a few limp flaps of their wings, then they topple on their sides, while the rest of the locusts continue flying on with no further molestations.

—Compiled from "Locusts: 'Teeth of the Wind' ";
by Robert A.M. Conley; National Geographic;
August, 1969; page 213.
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