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acoustical engineering (s) (noun) (no pl)
The practical applications of the science of sounds: Acoustical engineering deals with the control of sounds and vibrations, however it is concerned not just with audible sounds, but also with phenomena that range from barely measurable magnitudes on up to levels capable of causing severe damage.

The normal areas of acoustical engineering include, among others: architectural and musical acoustics, noise and vibration control, underwater acoustics, ultrasonics, communication engineering, shock and vibration engineering, and instrumentation engineering.

  • Architectural and musical acoustics or environments involving sounds.
  • Noise and vibration control or keeping sounds within acceptable limits.
  • Underwater acoustics or sonar engineering oceans.
  • Ultrasonics or ultra-high-frequency sounds and vibrations.
  • Communication engineering or the transmissions of spoken information.
  • Shock and vibration engineering is a part of mechanical and structural engineering.
  • Instrumentation engineering relates to all of the preceding issues, such as the design and applications of sensors for sounds and vibrations, of sounds and vibration generators, of recording systems, and of data analysis equipment.
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Academic Press Dictionary of Science and Technology
by Eric E. Ungar, A Consulting Engineer;
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