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acoustic trauma (s) (noun), acoustic traumas (pl)
The damage caused to the cochlear structures (parts of the inner ears known as the organs of hearing) by high-intensity sound stimulations (loud noises) that have demonstrable negative effects on hearing: Acoustic trauma is sometimes temporary in the initial stages, but it can result in permanent damage with the continued exposure to loud noises.

To avoid having acoustic trauma, people should wear protective ear plugs or ear-cover protectors to minimize damage to their ears when using loud equipment.

Everyone should be aware of risks of acoustic traumas that are connected with such activities as shooting guns, using chain saws, lawn mowers, driving motorcycles, or when using snowmobiles.

Another way of avoiding acoustic trauma is to refrain from listening to loud music for long periods of time.

Acoustic trauma can occur as a result of an individual's occupation, such as rock musicians, construction workers, airline ground crew members, or by using earphones and headphones, etc. with the volume turned up too much.