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achromatic, achromic (adjective); more achromatic, more achromic; most achromatic, most achromic
1. A reference to being without color; colorless; unpigmented: Patty's achromatic skin appeared to be a result of her seclusion and being away from the outdoor gardens at the castle.
2. White, gray, or black in appearance: Leland's achromatic photographs were very famous.
3. Transmitting light without any constituent color separation; such as, a lens: The expensive camera was equipped with a specialized lens to allow Irving to take better achromic photographs.
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achromatic lens
A compound lens made of two or more lenses having different indices of refraction, so correlated as to minimize chromatic aberration.
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achromatic vision (s) (noun), achromatic visions (pl)
The inability to perceive, or to see, colors: The doctor told Sam that his achromatic vision was a result of a severe congenital deficiency in color perception which might be associated with nystagmus (the involuntary rapid rhythmic movements of his eyeballs) and reduced visual acuity (loss of the ability to detect fine details or small distances with the eyes).

The doctor also indicated that he has several other patients with similar abnormal achromatic visions.

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