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accrue, accrues, accrued, accruing (verb forms)
1. To come to a person as a gain, an addition, or an increment: "She was happy to see interest accruing in her savings account."

"People who have money in the bank are hoping that interest will accrue or grow as the years pass; so, there are those who count on the accretion of their capital."

2. To increase, to accumulate, or to come about as a result of some kind of growth: "He was told that common sense usually accrues with experience."
3. To come into existence as a claim that is legally enforceable: "Interest on his home loan is accruing and must be paid each month or he could lose his property."
4. To accumulate over time: "They are accruing more time off for their vacations."
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accrued (adjective)
A reference to something that is periodically accumulated over time: "According to the terms of his home loan, he will have to pay off the accrued interest every month."

"There are those who are hoping to get back all of the money they invested, plus the accrued interest and dividends."

The principal in his bank account is so small, he'll never get enough in accrued interest to live on nor to pay off any of his debts."

The adjective accrued comes from the Old French word acreu, "growth" or "increase", which is what the modern word means; that is, something that grows or accumulates over time.

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