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accidental, incidental, accidentally, accidently
accidental (ak" suh DEN t'l) (adjective)
Happening by chance; belonging but not essential; unplanned, unintentional, unpremeditated: The meeting of Adrian and Ashley on the street was purely accidental.
incidental (in" si DEN t'l) (adjective)
Happening as a result or in connection with something more important; unexpected: The incidental costs of repairs for the car added up to much more than expected.
accidentally (ak" suh DEN tuh lee) (adverb)
Happening in a way that is not planned, intended, nor expected: Dr. Darren decided that Crystal died accidentally, not by any intentional cause.
accidently (ak" suh DENT li)
This pronunciation and spelling of "accidentally" is not correct.

"Accidentally" is often mispronounced and misspelled.

The correct word has five syllables ac-ci-den-tal-ly: The use of accidently is considered a gross error and displays a lack of knowledge of what is supposed to be the correct spelling and pronunciation.

James accidentally tallied the incidental car repair costs inaccurately and scared Jane silly.

Later, James tried to explain the accidental nature of his calculations to Jane which greatly relieved her.

accidentally (ak" suh DEN tuh lee) (adverb), more accidentally, most accidentally
A reference to something that happens and is not intended or expected: "It was decided that Gertrud's mother accidentally died when she fell down the stairs to her basement."
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(Arabic: the gift of finding interesting things by chance; the faculty of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for; an apparent talent for making fortunate discoveries accidentally)