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accession (ak SESH uhn) (s) (noun), accessions (pl)
1. The assumption of an important position; usually, a position of power: In the school play, little Thomas said, "I have attained accession to the throne and so now I am the king!"
2. The formal acceptance by a state of an international treaty or convention: Finally the war was over and an accession or confirmation of this was signed by all the countries involved.
3. Agreement or consent, usually when given unwillingly: Some of the politicians in the country had to accept the accession that the taxes would have to be raised more than they had planned in the beginning.
4. An item added to a collection: Over the years, Jack had added new accessions to his collection of novels by various authors and so his bookcase was full!
5. The right of an owner to add to some property by natural growth or improvement: The proprietor of the estate on which Henry built his house was not allowed accession to the acreage along the boarder.
6. The act of attaining or gaining access to a new office, a right, or a position; for example, a throne: After passing extensive examinations, accession as the principal of the high school was given to Marc Smith.
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