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access (AK ses") (s) (noun), accesses (pl)
1. Way of approach, a means of reaching, passageway, entry: Switzerland has access to the sea by way of the Rhine River.
2. A way of getting to something or someone, admittance; entrance: The thief gained access to the safe in the store.
3. A sudden outburst or attack as of rage, disease, or emotion: Jeremy had a fit of passion which resulted in an access of fury or rage.
4. Etymology: from Latin accessus, "a coming to, an approach"; from accedere, "to enter upon"; from ac-, "to" (a variation of ad- before c + cedere "to move, to go").
The ability to enter or to approach something.
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access (verb), accesses; accessed; accessing
1. To obtain information or data; especially, from computer: "A person usually can't access most of the data on a computer without having a password."
2. To go someplace and to be able to enter whatever it is: "Pete asked for a key to the office because he was planning to access the office after working hours to complete his report.
3. Entering, making an entrée: "The thief was accessing the vault while the political rallies were taking place."
This entry is located in the following unit: -cede, -ceed, -cess, -cease (page 1)
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A way of entering or reaching something or someone; an admittance to or an entrance to a place. (1)