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accept (verb), accepts; accepted; accepting
1. To receive with favor, willingness, or consent: Marge was happy to accept the gift for her children from her parents.
2. To give an affirmative answer to: Harry was willing to accept the invitation to Adam's birthday celebration.
3. To receive as satisfactory or sufficient; to admit: Shareen was willing to accept Victor's apology when he forgot to let her know about the decrease in gas prices.
4. To accept an offer, position, etc.: The teacher indicated that he will accept the offer of being an assistant principal.

John was thrilled that Mary accepted his proposal of marriage.

5. Etymology: from Old French accepter, "to take what is offered"; directly from Latin acceptare, "to take" or "to receive willingly"; accipere, "to receive" from ad-, "to" + capere, "to take".
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