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acarocola (s) (noun), acarocolas (pl): mites

Certain species that are dwelling in association with mites whether such relationships are desirable or not.

  • Some acarocolas or ferns are benefiting from their symbiotic relationships with these insects because they are being pollinated by them.
  • More often, there are acarocolas that involve attacking humans, hogs, horses, dogs, and other animals as mites feed in the skin and produce definite burrows in which eggs are laid.
  • In centuries past, it was thought that such acarocolas were caused by bad blood or improper life styles.
  • Mites that make their acarocolas on hogs usually cause them to vigorously scratch and rub themselves and the skin on their heads, necks, and backs become rough, scabby, cracked, and pimpled.
  • Different species of mites are known to inhabit a variety of acarocolas; such as on sheep, goats, cattle, and many other animals where they live and feed at the base of the hairs or wool.
—Source: General and Applied Entomology, pages 16-18.
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