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abundant (adjective); more abundant, most abundant
1. Concerning the presence of great quantities; more than adequate; overly sufficient: Rainfall is more abundant this summer in some areas of the country, however it is much less abundant in other areas.
2. Well-supplied; pertaining to a more than plentiful supply of something: The prosecutor offered abundant evidence proving that the woman had committed the crime.

This has been one of the most abundant displays of beautiful fall colors that the city parks have ever produced in years.

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abundant, redundant
abundant (uh BUN duhnt) (adjective)
Plentiful, present in great quantities: Some parts of the world are abundant in natural resources.
redundant (ri DUN duhnt) (adjective)
1. Exceeding what is necessary or natural; superfluous: Rachel Crystal edited the report and removed any redundant information or statements.
2. Needlessly wordy or repetitive in expression: Too often student papers are filled with redundant phrases.
3. In Britain, dismissed, laid off, or fired from a job because someone is no longer needed: More than 500 of the company's employees have already been made redundant and it is likely that more will also be declared as being redundant.

Too often a politician's speeches are abundant with redundant statements; in fact, the mayor of of the town became redundant because people were fed up with his abundant unfulfilled promises.

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(Latin: largus, ample, abundant, copious, generous; large)
(Latin: excess, excessive, have to excess; abundant, abundance; grow profusely, profuseness)
(Latin: large, big, great; much, abundant)
(Greek: many, much; excessive; abnormal amount, profuse, ample, large quantity; multiple, abundant, numerous)