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absorber (s) (noun), absorbers (pl)
1. A material or device that collects the sun's radiation: The factory in Julie's town manufactured absorbers for use in the solar energy sector.
2. The material that readily gathers photons to generate charge carriers which are the free electrons or holes: The instructor tried to explain the different materials that could be used as absorbers.
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absorber plate (s) (noun)
1. A metal sheet in a flat plate solar collector whose primary function is to maximize the transfer of solar radiation reaching it through the glazing to the heat transfer fluid.
2. A flat surface, usually black and sometimes incorporating the use of mirrors or transparent covers, used to collect solar energy.
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telescopic shock absorber (s) (noun), telescopic shock absorbers (pl)
A tubular spring damper operated by rod and piston which is considered to be the most common type of mechanical damper: The mechanic installed new telescopic shock absorbers on his pickup truck.
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In a photovoltaic device, the material that readily absorbs photons to generate charge carriers (free electrons or holes).
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shock absorber
A piston that moves in a cylinder filled with oil or gas which can absorb the bumps in a road.

Shock absorbers are part of a car's suspension system.

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