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absorb (verb), absorbs; absorbed; absorbing
1. To swallow up, to include, or to take a thing into the loss of its separate existence; to incorporate: In one gulp, the whale seemed to absorb all the krill.

The company absorbed the two smaller companies creating one large conglomerate.

2. To engross, or to completely engage the attention or faculties: The students were completely absorbed by the magic of the teacher's story telling.
3. To take up or to receive imponderable agents by chemical or molecular action: Not long after Howard swallows his vitamins, they will be absorbed into his blood stream.
4. To assume the burden of costs, expenses, etc.: The owners, Mr. and Mrs. Robinson, will personally absorb the small financial loss in order to continue to keep their company solvent.
5. To take in a shock, jolt, etc. with little or no recoil or reaction: The soft surface seemed to absorb the impact of the hammer.
6. To soak up and not to reflect: Carlos, the builder, told them that the light rays were absorbed by black surfaces and he also said that cork ceilings absorbed sound.
7. Etymology: from Latin absorbere, "to swallow up"; from ab-, "from" + sorbere, "to suck in".
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absorbed (adjective), more absorbed, most absorbed
Being very involved or so interested in something that a person isn't aware of anyone or anything else: Andre was so absorbed in working on his computer project that he didn't realize how late it was and so he didn't get much sleep before he had to get up early in the morning to go to work.
Preoccupied and engrossed in something.
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AGM battery, absorbed glass mat battery
A type of sealed lead-acid battery in which the electrolyte is absorbed in a matrix of glass fibers, which holds the electrolyte next to the plate, and immobilizes it to prevent spills.

AGM batteries tend to have good power characteristics and low internal resistance.

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Word Entries at Get Words: “absorbed
Preoccupied or deeply engrossed and so not being very aware of anything else. (1)