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absolve (uhb ZOLV, uhb SOLV) (verb), absolves; absolved; absolving
1. To officially state that someone is free of any blame or responsibility in a particular matter: Mr. Johnson, the lawyer, could not get the court to absolve his client of responsibility for the accident.

Because new evidence had been discovered, Rick, the defendant, was absolved of the criminal charge.

2. To forgive someone, especially for a religious or moral fault: Mary asked the priest to please absolve her of her sins.
3. To relieve a person of some kind of requirement or obligation: The court absolved Ernest of the responsibility of any further repayments of the loan.

At the board meeting that day, they agreed that they would be absolving the company of any charges of misdeeds.

Bert was absolved of having to pay his partner's debts.

4. Etymology: from Latin ab-, "from" + solvere, "to loosen".
To set free from consequences of doing something.
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To relieve a person of some kind of requirement or obligation in order to free or to release him or her from the consequences of guilt. (1)