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abnegation (ab" ni GAY shuhn) (s) (noun), abnegations (pl)
1. The renunciation of a person's own interests in favor of the interests of others: Some religions have days of fasting and so abnegation involves the giving up of all food or anything a person likes to eat in order to follow the rules and requirements of his or her beliefs.

The vice principal's abnegation of her position to allow for the promotion of a younger person was admired by all.

The Board of Directors was faced with a couple of uncertainties regarding the abnegations of the entire staff at the shelter for women.

Samuel's sudden abnegation of a wild life to become a Christian missionary was a great surprise for everyone who knew him.

2. The denial and rejection of a doctrine or a belief: There are those who have an abnegation of the existence of God.
3. Etymology: from Latin abnegare, "to refuse, to deny"; from ab-, "off, away from" + negare, "to deny".
Self-denial and renunciation.
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