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ablution (uh BLOO shuhn) (s) (noun), ablutions (pl)
1. A washing or cleansing, such as a religious ceremony of purification, a ceremonial washing, or the ritualistic freeing of a person or people from sin or guilt: The priest performed ceremonies of ablutions for his followers.

In some religions, an ablution may be a prescribed washing of part or all of the body or of possessions, such as clothing or ceremonial objects with the intent of purification or dedication.

2. The liquid used in showering which may refer to the practice of removing sins, diseases, or earthly defilements through the use of ritual deputation or to become purified or cleansed: Before saying his prayers, Gregory used an ablution that represented the spiritual cleansing of his sins.

Like most ritual acts, ablutions may carry a wide range of meanings for those who perform it, for example the act of cleansing may be only a gesture that is symbolic of a desired purity of the soul.

3. A scrubbing of a person's body or body parts; a bathing, a cleaning: Because of the heat, Charlene felt the need for a refreshing ablution.

After consecutive ablutions at the sink, Pearl was finally able to wash the smell of garlic off her hands.

Gertrude's husband performed an ablution of his feet every night before going to bed.

4. Etymology: from Latin abluere, "to wash off"; ab-, "away" + luere, "to wash".
A washing, a cleaning.
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ablution, absolution
ablution (ab LYOO shuhn) (noun)
1. A washing of one’s body; washing, bathing, cleaning, bath, lavation: Because of the heat, Pete, a long distance runner, felt the need for more than just one daily ablution.
2. A washing or cleansing as a religious ceremony of purification; ceremonial washing, ritualistic washing: After his ablution in the river, the holy man continued on his journey.
absolution (ab" suh LOO shuhn) (noun)
A freeing from sin, guilt, or blame; or a declaration that frees a person from guilt or punishment for sin: The priest gave absolution to church members which always makes the parishioners feel a great deal better.

There were many visitors to the religious shrine earlier and the water was obviously murky; so, some of the people decided not to take part in the ablution; however, they did participate in the absolution by the religious leader.