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ablation (s) (noun), ablations (pl)
1. Surgical excisions, removals, or amputations of body parts or tissues: The doctor specialized in the ablation of tumors on the lungs.
2. The erosive processes by which a glacier is reduced by wearing or wasting away: Melting and the breaking off of a mass of ice from its parent glacier or ice shelf are ablations that icebergs undergo during the summer months.
3. In aerospace, the dissipation of heat generated by aerial friction: There are ablations in atmospheric reentries of spacecrafts or missiles with the use of melting heat shields.
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electrical ablation
The surgical removal of some bodily organ or part using electrocautery.
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The burning away of the leading surface of an object; such as, a meteorite or an artificial satellite, by friction as it enters the earth''s atmosphere from space.

The ablation shielding on a re-entry vehicle; such as, the Space Shuttle, is designed to protect against or to minimize such action.

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