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ablate (verb), ablates; ablated; ablating
1. To remove or dissipate by melting, vaporization, erosion, etc.: The worker was ablating the metal surface with intense heat.

It would appear that the icebergs are ablating faster than scientists had anticipated.

After a heavy rain, the top soil ablates from the field and runs off into the stream.

2. In medicine, to amputate or otherwise to destroy a biological function, for example by removing a bodily tissue with a laser, or by means of burning with electric heat: The doctor ablated the abnormal number of warts that had formed on Colleen's body with electrocautery.

The doctor indicated that she would ablate the lump from Tanya's leg.

After Patrick's crushed foot was ablated in an accident, he learned to walk and to run with a prosthetic foot and shoe.

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