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ability (uh BIL i tee) (s), abilities (pl) (nouns)
1. The power or capacity to do or to act physically, mentally, legally, morally, financially, etc.: "The students abilities resulted in their being able to accomplish the objectives presented by their teachers."
2. The competence in an activity or occupation because of one's skill, training, or other qualification: "Henry had the ability to learn languages easily."
3. A particular gift for doing something well; abilities, talents; special skills or aptitudes: "Learning mathematics seems to be beyond Charline's abilities."
4. The quality of being suitable for or receptive to a specified treatment; especially, capable or talented with the capacity to achieve an objective: "The owners of the company wanted computers with the capacity to be configured for use as file servers."
5. Etymology: from Middle English abilite, from Old French ablete, habilite (French habilite); which came from Latin habilitatem, accusative form of habilitas, "aptitude, ability"; from habilis, "that which may be easily handled or managed, suitable, fit, proper".
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ability, capacity
ability (uh BIL i tee) (noun)
The power, gift, or competence to do or to act physically, mentally, legally, financially, etc.: Clara was a young woman with a remarkable musical ability.
capacity (kuh PAS uh tee) (noun)
1. Amount of room or space inside something; the largest amount that is possible of being held by a container: A gallon can has a capacity of four quarts (3.78 liters).
2. Capable of learning or doing; power or fitness: Last year's class of graduates demonstrated a great capacity for learning.

The ability of Congressman Brad Arnold to fill the capacity of the peoples' attention in every town on the lecture circuit was considered an amazing achievement.

Professor Cory apparently was able to demonstrate that his students have an insatiable capacity for obtaining information by using their computers.

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(Latin: a suffix; meaning, ability, ability to [do something])
(Latin: power, strength, ability, able; having authority over; rule over, command of)
(Use it, don't waste it!)
(Discover it, utilize it!)
(Latin: suffix; expressing ability, capacity, fitness, or "that which may be easily handled or managed")
(Greek: irresolution, indecision, loss or defect of the ability to make decisions)
(Latin > French: the ability to see things that are out of normal sight but which can be perceived by extrasensory powers)
(Latin: a suffix that means "able to [be]"; a variation of -ability)
(Latin: suffix; ability to, capable of, suitable for; pertaining to, like, belonging to, tending to)
(Latin: memory, remember, thought; retaining and recalling past experiences and information; capacity to store information; ability to recall or to recognize previous experiences; recollection; retention)
(bound to sell and to be read; the ability to hear with the eyes)
(consider the postage stamp: its usefulness consists in the ability to stick to one thing until it gets there)
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ability grouping (s) (noun), ability groupings (pl)
A proces in which students with comparable skills are placed with others of similar talents: "The ability groupings that educators use involves the assignments of students in any of several courses of study according to to their abilities, achievements, or needs."
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Tact: The ability to see others as they wish to be seen.
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ability (uh BIL i tee) (s) (noun), abilities (pl)
A skill or a capacity to accomplish something: A really good salesman has the ability to sell just about anything.

Ability is a special skill, like speaking several languages, or keeping your mouth shut in one language.

—Evan Esar
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(over the past century, knowledge of the way the universe works [science] has grown significantly, and with it the ability to apply that knowledge to everyday problems [technology] has changed the way people live)