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abhorrent (adjective); more abhorrent, most abhorrent
1. Referring to something that arouses strong feelings of repugnance or disapproval about people, situations, or things: Even thinking about failing was an abhorrent idea for Scott to consider.

Ronald's sister had an abhorrent dislike of insects and other "creepy things" which helped to determine the direction of her scientific studies.

2. Pertaining to an occurrence that is incompatible with or conflicting with something: The abhorrent violence at the start of the film was so disgusting and loathsome that the couple got up and walked out.
3. Abominable, repugnant, or despicable: The man committed an abhorrent crime when he killed his wife.
4. Unacceptable or regarding a strong dislike: The thought of not being successful with his performance at the tennis match was abhorrent to the player.

The spelling of abhorrent shows that it is related to "horror". It means "feeling horror", when it is used with "of": Niki was so abhorrent of snakes that she would almost faint if she simply saw one.

When abhorrent is used with "to", it is expressed as: Crystal's casual disregard for the truth was abhorrent to her father's moral values.

When abhorrent means "creating horror, detestable", then it is written as: The sight of the abhorrent bleeding and injuries particularly upset Latricia when she saw those who were so terribly hurt in the car accident.

Causing dislike and hate.
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Arousing strong aversion, disgusting.
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