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abhorrence (ab HOHR uhns) (s) (noun), abhorrences (pl)
1. Someone or something that is strongly or intensely disapproved of: Gertrude had a strong abhorrence of mice running around in her basement during the winter, so she set a lot of traps to catch them.
2. That which is disgusting, loathsome, or repellent: The first mate on the ship had an abhorrence for the smell of the water in the bilge.

Mary has an abhorrence of monster movies.

3. A feeling of repugnance, revulsion, or loathing about someone or something: Tom's multiple abhorrences for reptiles and spiders will make it difficult for him to do much research when he goes to Africa next month.

Such violence during the TV movie is an abhorrence to Jeremy.

Some movies, even on TV, show too many abhorrences of beatings and killings of people!

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