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aberration (s) (noun), aberrations (pl)
1. A wandering or straying away; a departure or deviation from what is considered normal or from the socially recognized path: The horror novel was considered an aberration as far as the tastes of the reading public were concerned.

The new rules of the club were confusing and full of aberrations.

2. A defect in a lens or mirror, causing a distorted image or one with colored edges: The blurred photographs indicate that Ron's camera has a lens with an aberration.

The flaw in a lens that doesn't focus properly is called a spherical aberration.

3. In astronomy, a small periodic change in the apparent position of a star or other astronomical object, caused by the motion of the earth around the sun: The astronomer noticed an unusual aberration in the constellations of the Northern Hemisphere.

In astronomy, an aberration is an apparent displacement in the position of a celestial object as a result of the time it takes for light from the object to reach an earthbound observer and to the orbital motion of the earth during that time.

4. A disorder or abnormal alteration in one's mental state: Three authors got together to see how many aberrations they could include in the Worst Novel of the Year.

The only aberration that Marcia's mother has is an occasional lapse of memory.

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aberration (ab" uh RAY shuhn) (s) (noun), aberrations (pl)
1. Irregularity; deviation; inconsistency: A flaw (defect or fault) in a lens that doesn't focus properly is called a spherical aberration.
2. Oddity; abnormalities; incongruity: The new rules were confusing and full of aberrations.
3. Quirk, eccentricity, peculiarity; Emanuel's only aberration was an occasional lapse of memory.
3. A deviation from the norm: The heat this summer was definitely an aberration from what people expected.

The extreme wide-spread cold weather with snow and ice that some areas had this winter was an aberration.

4. Etymology: from Latin aberrationem, aberratio. "a wandering, a straying"; from the stem of aberrare. "to wander out of the way, to lose the way, to go astray"; from ab-, "away" + errare, "to wander".
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